The Fox's Blood Moon (for Ian Johnstone)


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This long-form ambient piece was done as a means of dealing with the grief of seeing a loved one, Ian Johnstone, pass away in the physical realm. Though I know his star shines radiant in the aether, there is still the pain and sorrow. I incorporated sounds of deer and fox’s and old tape loops I made during the time we knew each other. He had a strong connection with deer and foxes, and so did I. One day out of nowhere he gave me one of my sacred gifts: three deer skulls once owned by Geff/Jhonn. Despite the sorrow and mourning, I feel blessed everyday that he ever came into my life and bless it.

This piece was a solo endeavor, being that the grief was very personal. However, I feel a presence through my fiancé of all the inspiring and life changing men in my life, something of a spectral link.

May Holy Living Creatures bless our dear Ian, and Ark Todd, child of the foxes, in the passing from this life to the next, and so on.

Love is the Law

Florian-Ayala Fauna




Full moon, rich with soft blood red
Glowing, illuminated, shining dark and brilliant
We sleep under the sea of stars on a flower bed
Listening to deer whisper prayers to the firmament
Soft fur, claws, horns and teeth,
Sanguine creatures dance about the forest
With black jackal angels for which we are beneath
As we play and frolic and pray and rest
When one falls, we all are hushed, silent
Earth mourns over one child, yet becoming a star
Despite the pain, the sorrow, the tears, the lament,
Great, white roses, flowers rise up from the scar
A polar explorer, watches from afar
Knowing, “As above, so below” for every radiant star.


released July 23, 2015



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